I was fourteen years old when my guitar instructor, Aquiles Cortina, handed me a copy of the Manifestoes of Surrealism written by André Breton. Aquiles believed this fervent little book would inspire my songwriting –that Breton’s conflation of dream and reality would free my wild imaginings. In spite of my unpreparedness at the time to fully understand Breton’s visions, the book became sacred to me. I kept it inside my night stand for most of my formative years. Surrealism has haunted me ever since.

I feel I have traveled a mystical path to get to where I am today. When I left my homeland Venezuela for the United States in 1994, I made a promise to transform my nostalgia into creative fuel to power up my quest for learning and doing new things. I continue the search with gratitude and excitement.

Whether I’m teaching an art class, curating a show for an artist, working on my video reveries, or playing music, I stay true to my roots and to my ever-growing fascination for the arts.

I believe that art is an awakening call, an opportunity for all humans to develop at so many levels. Ideas are beautifully dangerous.

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